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Hey Quix,

The card we bought is this one Insignia PCI Express USB 3.0 Card

Here is the link to copy and paste if the one above doesn’t work ( ). We got it from Best Buy. If you look at the picture of the card, at the back of the card you’ll see where the power connector will plug in. It’s the same type of power plug that is/was used for the old floppy drives. The power connector should come in the box.

If you’re getting the same error msg as above, this should fix your issue. The green light on the front needs to be a constant, steady, green blinking light not a sporadic one that comes and goes. When we would type in the command to locate all connected USB devices, it would find only the Kinect motor, then motor and camera, then none and kept doing this until we installed this card. We had it running for more than 10min to make sure it didn’t drop out.

I think it needs 700mA or more, but don’t quote me.

Hope this helps, it did for us.


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