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Just my input, have not done extentive testing, but have tried a few different things along the way.

1. CPU. the PC you are describing is more powerful than the ones I have used successfully. The lowest powered pc I have used is a dual core 2.6 Ghz with 2 Gb ram. I would not recommend any smaller and if you have alot of water this PC will slow down. The quad core (don’t recall the ghz) pc with 4GB ram that I used did not seem to have any problems.
2. Graphics card. I am using the 750 Ti. Works really good in the quad core PC, but in the dual core it slows down with lots of water (Kids love the water) may be a buss speed thing, not sure. I would not try to skimp on the graphics card.
3. Projector – With all the messing around I have done, as long as the projector will fill your box and not need to be elevated alot higher than the sensor where the sensor would cause a shadow, then no reason it would not work. I have seen pictures of a projector that was not short throw and was mounted horizontally then bounced off a mirror. Fyi… the sensor is typically mounted at a height above the sand that is approximately the same as the long dimension of the sandbox.
4. Resolution. I use 1024 x 768. no need for higher resolution, the kinect sensor is only 640 x 480 I believe.

4. Sand. My portable box is 32 inches by 42 inches. it uses 1.5 Cu Ft of sand. have not tried kinetic sand, nor the homemade recipes for it yet, but plan on doing that in the near future.

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