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Hey Everyone, looks like i’ll be joining the AR sandbox club as well. I’m in NYC, a software developer of 22yrs. I look forward to posting some images of my sandbox.

my hardware is
Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela 64-bit
MATE 1.10.0
mem: 4gig ram
proc: AMD Phenom II X4 955 x 4
NVidia GeForce GTX
I purchased the BenQ MX631ST projector, currently working on the post for it.

I’ve installed the sandbox software, and I can recognize the Kinect, that’s a good start.
I haven’t done any calibration yet but when I hold my arm in the 3d space the Kinect has the proper topography color and lines in the raw viewer. and the water is fluid.

i’ll post some pics of my build in the future.

the ultimate plan is to have my son (2yrs) be able to play in the sandbox with some army men while making a ridge line and river !!!! well it’s more for me, HAHA…

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