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Do you happen to have a list of new/changed features that will be in the new software version.
Just an idea of what’s to come.

Currently when it rains, I play an audio file of thunder and the sound of rain. I do it manually now when my son puts his hand over the box, it makes him jump and he loves the sound of the rain falling. Just a thought to add a sound clip to events. 🙂 I illuminated some buttons on the side of my box that handle all the events, Dry up the water, Play the sound clip, etc….

currently I’m adding my sandbox to my home automation system, with RFID’s so when you go next to the box it automatically powers up, I’m trying to have the box run fully autonomously.
so any features you can add to a keyboard button configuration, I can add to an illuminated button on the box’s control panel. I’m looking forward to the next version 🙂

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