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Oliver Kreylos

Two options:

  1. Start AR Sandbox as usual.
  2. Assign button function via tool selection menu.
  3. Save tool assignments via Vrui System Menu, Devices, Save Input Graph.
  4. Next time, add -loadInputGraph <input graph file name> to SARndbox’s command line.

Alternatively, create a new file called Vrui.cfg in the directory from where you run the SARndbox executable, and enter the following:

section Vrui
  section Desktop
    section Tools
      section DefaultTools
        section DrainButtonTools
          toolClass GlobalWaterTool
          bindings ((Mouse, 1, \ # Button/key used to add water
                            2))  # Button/key used to remove water

The AR Sandbox’s underlying Vrui toolkit will pick up a configuration file called Vrui.cfg if it is found in the current directory, and merge it into its global configuration space. Alternatively, name the file SARndbox.cfg or similar, save it anywhere (for example in the directory that already contains BoxLayout.txt), and load it explicitly via -mergeConfig <configuration file path>.

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