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Oliver Kreylos

Please try the built-in way to make the Sandbox start in full-screen and let me know if that works.

If SARndbox is the only Vrui application you use regularly, edit Vrui.cfg in ~/Vrui-3.1/etc, and find “section Window” inside “section Desktop”. Then change windowFullscreen false to windowFullscreen true.

To do this on demand, create a new file, say Fullscreen.cfg, inside ~/Vrui-3.1/etc/, with the following contents:

section Vrui
  section Desktop
    section Window
      windowFullscreen true

Then start SARndbox with the additional -mergeConfig Fullscreen.cfg command line parameter.

Pausing topography updates via a button: This is a source code-level change, but it’s simple.

In Sandbox.h, insert the line

virtual void eventCallback(EventID eventId,Vrui::InputDevice::ButtonCallbackData* cbData);

after the line

virtual void display(GLContextData& contextData) const; (line 189)

and save.

In Sandbox.cpp, insert the line

addEventTool("Pause Updates",0,0);

after the line

LocalWaterTool::initClass(*Vrui::getToolManager()); (line 436)

Then insert the lines

void Sandbox::eventCallback(Vrui::Application::EventID eventId,Vrui::InputDevice::ButtonCallbackData* cbData)

before line

void Sandbox::initContext(GLContextData& contextData) const (line 1147)

and save. Re-make the SARndbox application, and now you can bind an arbitrary button or key to the new “Pause Updates” tool. The same toggle button in the main menu will no longer reflect the current pause state, but oh well.

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