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Oliver Kreylos

Yes, I did indeed misunderstand. Just to be clear: When you turn on the projector, it will apply a (bogus) keystone correction setting, which will result in a squished trapezoidal image, and you have to manually undo that every time by resetting keystone correction to zero? Furthermore, once you do reset keystone correction, if you bring up a test image (run XBackground from the Vrui package in full-screen mode), the horizontal and vertical lines have no jaggies, the circles are round, and the horizontal bar in the center has clean alternating black/white vertical lines?

In that case, you’re probably running into an automatic keystone correction “feature” that’s new to this projector line. None of ours are doing this. Turn the projector on and go to the “DISPLAY” menu. See if there’s an entry for “Auto Keystone.” If so, make sure to turn it off (see page 23 in the projector manual). That ought to fix it.

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