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I’m currently in the midst of building my own projector out of an old laptop screen. It requires two Fresnel lenses (recycled from an overhead), a 13.3″ 1280×800 LCD (recycled from an old laptop), a triplet lens (cheap on eBay), and a 100 watt 8500 lumen! led ($25). I’m going to be playing around and seeing what the most basic and effective setup would be. Ideally we could run the whole thing on an orange pi’s native LVDS output, and use an extremely small LCD (the size of a 35mm slide) and just pop it into an old slide projector. The low resolution would probably take care of the low graphics capabilities of the pi. Wouldn’t look ideal, but it would probably work. Another reason to build our own Kinetic would be we wouldn’t be limited to InfraRed, we could experiment with UltraSound, use materials other than sand, maybe water or some other fun medium, really see where else this could go…

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