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Oliver Kreylos

You won’t have much success with that machine. Your CPU (Athlon 64 X2) is about a factor of 7 slower than our minimal recommended CPU (Intel Core i5), and while I didn’t find a Radeon card with a 1540 or 1520 model number, I’m assuming it’s the same vintage as the CPU (2009), and probably won’t be powerful enough.

You might be able to run the AR Sandbox without water simulation by appending -ws 0.0 0 to the command line, but even then it might be slow.

To avoid the error message during calibration, ensure that the Kinect tracks your calibration target properly before confirming a tie point, and that you don’t move the target for 2 seconds after confirming. The target disk is supposed to show up green in the real-time calibration display.

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