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xcursorgen is the program i used to create the custom cursor, it is built into Mint. To make your own custom animated cursor..

1) create different “frames” in the image editor of your choice.
-create,modify,edit two to several .png files. each .png will act as one frame of your animated icon.

2) create a xcursorgen config file
-in the same directory as your “frame” .png’s make a text file with this layout
<size> <x offset> <y offset> <frame1.png> <refresh in ms>
<size> <x offset> <y offset> <frame2.png> <refresh in ms>
<size> <x offset> <y offset> <frame3.png> <refresh in ms>

-mine looked like this

48 0 0 1rain48.png 100
48 0 0 2rain48.png 100

save this file as xcursor.config

3) create the cursor using xcursorgen
-place the .png files and the config file in the same directory and cd to it.

run this command xcursorgen xcursor.config left_ptr

4) open /usr/share/icons/DMZ-White/cursors/ as root and drag the output file which is now named left_ptr and replace the default

5) change your cursor to DMZ-White from the setting menu and ta-da!

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