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Oliver Kreylos

Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller

That’s not going to work. Intel’s GMA X3100 graphics adapter, which is based on the GM965/GL960 chipset, is from 2007, before several graphics features required by the AR Sandbox even existed. When SARndbox requests those features, the Mesa OpenGL library falls back to software emulation mode, which is not only orders of magnitude slower than hardware rendering, but also quite buggy, especially in the modern features that don’t make sense in software emulation, and are therefore hardly used or tested. My guess is the crashes you are getting are happening inside the Mesa library itself, not in SARndbox.

Regarding speed: I just tested the AR Sandbox software on my new laptop, which has an Intel Core i5-5200U CPU with integrated HD 5500 graphics adapter. This is a 2015 CPU, and still doesn’t support the framebuffer / shader features required to run the water simulation. Without water simulation, the sandbox ran at a rate of around 25 frames per second, with visible glitches in contour line rendering (which hint at graphics driver bugs).

According to the wikipedia article I linked above, this GPU is on the order of 50 times faster than the GMA X3100 (based on comparing core clock rate times number of computing units).

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