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Hi Oliver,
Having our sandbox boot-up in fullscreen mode is the LAST item that I can’t get working.
I’m running Mint Mate, and using SARndbox 1.5-001. I am a Linux newbie, so please go easy on me! 🙂

I’ve tried your Vrui.cfg file suggestion, but it doesn’t seem to work. (Even adding the “-mergeConfig” path in the command line.) It’s in the same directory as my SARndbox program file.

It’s possible I am not creating the Vrui.cfg file correctly. It shows up as a “TXT” icon in Mint GUI, as opposed to other Vrui.cfg files that show as an “ABC” icon. I’ve tried copying a different Vrui.cfg, and replacing that text with your code above, but it’s still not working for me.

It’s also possible that since I’m doing it through the Mint GUI, that it’s not the same as creating one from a command line. From the command line, can you explain how to “create” a Vrui.cfg file in my path, then edit it?

Is it possible that Mint Mate requires something different than your (>1 year old) code above?

Best regards,

– Rick
San Diego, CA

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