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Oliver Kreylos

Right you are, the correct invocation is:

$ ./bin/LWOWriter <depth/color file name prefix> <output file name> <first frame> <last frame>

<output file name> has to include a printf-style number template to generate one file name per frame, as in OutputFile%06d.lwo, otherwise subsequent frames will overwrite previous ones.

LWOWriter has to iterate through all frames as depth files are compressed, and have to be processed sequentially. But just skipping a frame is much faster than generating an LWO file.

Yes, the quality is what you should expect. That’s raw Kinect v1 data for you. This is the reason why the sandbox uses a long baseline low-pass filter to smooth raw data, which causes the 30 frame (1s) delay in topography updates.

I’m going to add model output as a feature to the next SARndbox version.

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