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Oliver Kreylos

Creating a text file via terminal:

$ pluma <name of file>

pluma is Mate’s text editor, and <name of file> is the file name, with optional path. E.g.,

$ pluma Vrui.cfg

to create Vrui.cfg in the current directory, or

$ pluma ~/Vrui-3.1/etc/FullScreen.cfg

to create FullScreen.cfg inside Vrui’s default configuration directory.

If you quickly want to create a short file with only a few lines, you can use cat:

$ cat > <name of file>

The first “>” tells cat to write into the given file. Then just type one or more lines into the terminal, and press Ctrl+d to finish the file.

To display the contents of a (short) text file, use cat without the “>”, e.g.,

$ cat ~/Vrui-3.1/etc/FullScreen.cfg

To browse through longer files inside a terminal, use less instead of cat. Of course, you can always use pluma to look at files, but you run the danger of accidentally modifying the file.

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