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Oliver Kreylos

Water simulation / rain is turned on by default, but you might have to configure the elevation range at which the software detects “rain clouds,” especially if you use a non-standard base plane elevation.

To test the water simulation, create a water tool: When the sandbox software is running, press and hold the “1” key, move the mouse to highlight “Manage Water Locally” from the tool selection menu, and release “1” to select. Then press and release “2” to assign the secondary function. Afterwards, press and hold “1” to let it rain underneath the mouse cursor.

(You can use any keys or buttons you want instead of “1” and “2”.)

To make it rain from your hands, you need to move your hands into the rain elevation range and hold still. By default, the rain range starts a few centimeters above the highest terrain elevation configured in your color map. You can configure the rain elevation range directly via the -rer <min elevation> <max elevation> command line parameter, where <min elevation> and <max elevation> are elevations relative to the base plane configured in BoxLayout.txt, in centimeters.

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