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Oliver Kreylos

Yes, I realize what’s going on. Try running the SARndbox without the -fpv command line parameter. You’ll notice that the projected sand surface doesn’t line up with the real sand surface at all. That’s because without -fpv the sandbox doesn’t use the calibration matrix that you created.

However, when running SARndbox with -fpv, while the calibration matrix is applied to the display, it is not applied to the software’s internal representation. Meaning, when you think you’re clicking on some part of the map, the software thinks you clicked on something entirely different. Fixed projector view, via -fpv, and mouse-based interaction were never meant to be used together.

You can work around the problem by running the sandbox without -fpv, and using standard mouse-based navigation to manually line up the projected and real sand surfaces as closely as you can (you will not be able to get a perfect alignment). Then save the current viewing state via “Save View…” in Vrui’s system menu, and the next time you start SARndbox with -fpv, load the view you previously saved, either via the main menu, or the -loadView <view file name> command line option. After that, mouse interaction should be closely aligned.

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