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I acquired a GTX 750ti on a trial basis. There’s a definite improvement over the GeForce Quadro 1700 I acquired last month. Water is animation is swift and smooth, though there is a momentary pause about 2 seconds after rainfall starts.

I’ve been watching performance with top for memory and CPU and nvidia-settings -q GPUUtilization for GPU and video memory. With SARndbox running and someone making it rain and modifying terrain max GPU% is 60%, with median in high 30s. Video memory sits around 15-20% (of 2GB total). CPU% on the other hand is not so pretty, it’s in the %175-195% for SARndbox process alone (over 100% because split across two CPU cores I presume).

From this I conclude that for this particular machine the limit factor is the main board and CPU and not the video card so much. (Though it would be good to try a “real” card to see for sure.)

All in all though I’m happy. Oliver noted in another thread this CPU is 7x slower than the minimum recommended Intel i7. So if I’ve managed to build something that works well enough to provide some enjoyment on this old thing for a $200 video card investment. Something to be satisfied about. 🙂

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