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Oliver Kreylos

You can change the depth range by passing a -depthRange <min depth> <max depth> parameter on RawKinectViewer’s command line. Depth values are not metric distances, however. You should try -depthRange 900 1090 first and see how that works out.

Alternatively, you can define a base plane interactively, and color everything by distance to that base plane. Flatten the sand surface, and select “Average Frames” from the main menu. Then assign a “Define Depth Planes” tool to two arbitrary buttons say “1” and “2”. Then press “1” a few times to select points from your sand surface, and press “2” once to define a plane approximating all those points. Afterwards, the edges of the box should show up clearly. You can then assign the 3D measurement tool and measure points as usual.

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