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Don’t know if this is a step too far but I can see a real benefit using this system for avalanche awareness, The way snow collects on slopes and forms cornices in respect of wind direction, where high winds scrap the snow from one slope aspect and drop it on the leeward side forming cornices.
then changing the slope angle of the sand would cause more or less snow to collect and between angles of 27 and 50 degrees various stages of avalanche risk could be shown with the standard avalanche colour codes overlying the snow.

So change wind direction, model snow distribution in respect if terrain steepness and aspect, then monitor the slope gradient to identify potential areas for avalanche. cause snow to collect in level areas slip of when critical mass is reached in 27 – 50 degrees slope range and nor collect so much on steeper slopes. Maybe even simulate temperature change.

Of course avalanche is much more complicated than this but this would provide a really useful demonstration tool for identifying the physical areas where snow collects and the gradients in which avalanche are most likely to occur.
Not for the next revision me thinks.

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