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Hello, We’ve just set up our sandbox successfully and are using it regularly. Thanks for the hard work on this project – it’s a really helpful teaching tool. There are a couple features that would make it even more helpful:
1) Ability to output the projected image to a postscript file. (I can do this now with a screenshot to a .png, but i’d like to be able to easily edit the image).
2) Ability to output the sand surface height (defined by the colormap or some other arbitrary zero elevation) to a file (with three columns of x y z, or something like that) in order to use that surface as a basemap for other images.
3) Draw index contours (every Xth countour as darker/fatter lines) with labels showing elevation (in cm, or some other user-defined scalable elevation).
Thanks again,
Pima Community College, Tucson AZ

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