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Hi NattyAlway

Following Olivers advice, the Kinect version 1’s (version 2’s not supported at this time) all have the same functionality despite outward appearances. The Kinect 360 also known as model no 1414 is the one I have selected because it is widely available and usually the cheapest price.

The usb connector does not fit a usb port on a PC or laptop and you require to purchase a Kinect USB power supply in addition This interfaces to a USB plug allowing the required connection to be made.
The Power supply also provides a the required amount of power for the connect as in many instances a the PC can fail to do so. ** see recommendations above as there are many usb power supplies claiming to be original Microsoft models, this is evidently not the case

I will use the recommended BenQ 631 as the XGA resolution is sufficient for current and near future developments.

I currently use a dell precision laptop for testing purposes but will upgrade to the recommended minimum intel i5 + NVIDA 960 or possibly better graphics card if the budget can survive it.
I believe from other posts contouring will work on a lesser specification while water simulations are more graphics processor intensive. For my own purposes performance is important so I’ll stay at the high end.

The physical construction requires the specified projector to be mounted at 90 degrees to the sand surface this will probably require the projector to be mounted a little behind the rear edge of the sand box to compensate for the short throw design – I’ll give further details when my projector arrives. The size of the sandbox at 40 X 30 ins is a compromise between many factors in including the contour spacing where making the box larger increases the spacing and obviously the pixel size will also increase. Though I see a large box as desirable I see these factors as limitations and have followed advice sticking with the 40 X 30 dimensions.

Hope this helps.

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