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For the contour lines themselves there is the -cls the command line option, though the 1.6 update post doesn’t list that among the parameters that can be updated through the fifo pipe.

  -cls <contour line spacing>
     Sets the elevation distance between adjacent topographic contour
     lines in cm
     Default: 0.75

For my box values smaller than 0.3 or 0.4 are counter productive because it darkens the image too much.

All is not lost though, because the colors (a.k.a. hypsometric tinting if you come from a cartography background) can be adjusted dynamically:

echo "colorMap /path/to/etc/SARndbox-1.6/Custom-HeightColorMap.cpt" > /path/to/sandbox/Control.fifo

Where the colormap file appears to be tab/space delimited “cm-from-camera red green blue

-40.0    0   0  80
 -0.75  24 140 205
  0.25  16 122  47
  2.5  232 215 255
 14.0  161 161 161
 25.0  255 255 255

Start sandbox from a terminal window (not a desktop shortcut) until the kinks are worked out.
At first I thought it didn’t work, but was missing an error report from the terminal: ‘Cannot read height color map ~/etc/SARndbox-1.6/xxx-HeightColorMap.cpt due to exception IO::StandardFile: Unable to open file ~/etc/SARndbox-1.6/xxx-HeightColorMap.cpt for reading due to error 2’. It turns out that home path expansion, ~ –> /home/username, doesn’t work and that a full path is necessary.

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