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Oliver Kreylos

There is currently no code to change the contour line offset in the code. There is the ability to change color maps on-the-fly that maphew pointed out.

That feature might work better for your purpose, but will require some work. To show the effects of water level changes, you could create a series of color maps that are identical in the high-elevation parts, but cut from dry land color to blue at different elevations (and the granularity of those changes is entirely up to you). By dynamically switching between those, you can raise or lower the apparent water level. The nice thing is that the changes won’t affect dry parts of the surface at all, so it will look much nicer. If you offset contour lines, or change the base elevation plane, everything will change, which might bury the changes you want to show.

Changing the base plane would be a pretty simple feature to put in, though.

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