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Iḿ no expert, but reading through the forum indicates that the system will not function correctly if at all on an on board graphics card. I think you need to consider the age of the PC, i.e. the technology it uses is the video driver open GL being run in software emulation mode.
Which linux are you using? Mint 17.3 is out I recommend it over ubuntu, if you need to use ubuntu I would do a fresh install
What Processor are you using?
Whats the relative capability of your on boards graphics compared with a middle of the road solution Geforce 770, 960 and the like?

I did my initial build on a Dell precision m6400 workstation with a dedicated video card the Quadro FX 2700M 512mb, 8 gig Ram and Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T9600 @ 2.80GHz, The Sand box runs while the water chokes everything.
With the water on the CPU, both cores max at 100% and cannot supply the graphics card quick enough it runs at only 14%, when the water is switched off it the CPU runs at a more healthy 58% both cores when redrawing and the graphics processor at 46%.
At the end of the day the graphics speed is probably limited by the number of cores in the GPU The quatro has 48 The geforce 960 1024 a factor of 50 difference.

The laptop based quatro allows me to test the system but in my opinion it is not suitable for a system you would want for public use. For personal use the contour repainting is ok a bit sluggish but given it repaints only small sectors of sand at a time and most of the waiting time is due to heavy filtration then itś surprisingly good.
There are other factors at work with open GL Iḿ sure I read on the forum (but can´t find it now) the sandbox requires an up to date revision to function.

Hope this non specific ramble helps

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