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@ Rob
That appears to be similar to the devices I was pricing on-line.
Your wisdom confirms that one of those will definitely work as a backup, but for now a solution to the high frequency anomaly was discovered!

The problem was due to the A/V setup in the lecture hall. The projector did not seem to appreciate the electromagnetic conflict of a full length analog VGA connection running across the room with nothing connected in tandem with an active digital (DVI-to-HDMI) connection also at the opposite side of the room.

Simply unplugging the analog connection at the lecture hall projector and leaving only the active digital cable run connected fixed the sound and software errors. Although I am unsure as to how the workstation software was being affected, possibly some interference through the gtx 970 video card?

Conclusively, great to have this feature of the SARndbox working.
I am sure the neighborhood dogs will especially appreciate the fix.
Best regards,

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