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Oliver Kreylos

I just downloaded a new tarball of Vrui-3.1-004 into my ~/src directory, unpacked it, and ran this from a terminal:

cd /home/user/src/Vrui-3.1-004
make INSTALLDIR=/home/user/Foo
make INSTALLDIR=/home/user/Foo install

which installed into /home/user/Foo. I then built Vrui’s example programs:

cd ExamplePrograms
make VRUI_MAKEDIR=/home/user/Foo/share/Vrui-3.1/make INSTALLDIR=/home/user/Foo
make VRUI_MAKEDIR=/home/user/Foo/share/Vrui-3.1/make INSTALLDIR=/home/user/Foo install

which worked as well, and the example programs work and find their configuration files. I didn’t try SARndbox, but it would work as well.

Did you run make from a directory in which you had run make before, using a different installation directory? To do that, you first need to run make clean, so that all sources get rebuilt with the new installation directory.

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