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I have not tested it yet. Both of the projectors I have need 60″-70″ throw to make a 40″x30″ image. I have looked at several other models that are not short throw and they come in about the same range. Some have a larger zoom range but still need 60″ throw.
I am not against buying a short throw projector but I’d like to get everything setup and make sure it will get enough use to make the purchase worth it.
I would just like to avoid going through calibration and find that it adjusts the image on the opposite side of the sand movement, lol.

The projector I have with the flip orientation option is my main home theater projector so I would prefer not to use it for this. The one I want to use is just a cheap projector that will be replaced if this projects works out.

Is it easy to start over on calibration if it fails?
What brand/model of projector are you using?

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