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Here is what I have done and it works for me, but I use my table at home and so I don’t care for any security. If you install this in a public space you may want to give security some thought.

For 1. you would need to:
a. configure automatic login (Menu -> Control Center -> Login Window)
b. create an executable shell script for the program with all the parameters
c autostart your shell script (Menu -> Control Center -> Startup Applications)
d. to turn everything off I just power down my PC with the power button.

You would need to create the full screen configuration file.

3. You would need to set up you buttons and save a configuration file, now you can add this configuration file as a parameter to the script from 1b.

I don’t have your optional requirement implemented on my setup so I can not comment on this, but I could imagine the new pipe feature could be used for this.

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