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Hi Oliver,

First off, three cheers for making the AR Sandbox tech so accessible. I made one for my office with very little difficulty thanks to your excellent software and instructions.

I work with Resource Management Associates in Davis, CA, a small engineering firm specializing in numerical modeling for water resources. I would like to use the sandbox to illustrate and physically play around with concepts related to a wide range of water issues. As is, I have some fun illustrations of reservoir management. We do a lot of analysis for tidal marsh restoration and treated wastewater discharge. In support of those activities, I am interested in a range of new sandbox features.

-Tides! Set one edge of the box to create a tidal boundary for the flow simulation, need to control amplitude and period.
– Companion water quality transport simulation. Color the water by a water quality constituent. A conservative tracer is a fine start. Will need to set the concentration for boundary flows. At least one for tidal boundary (salt water) and one for rain (fresh water).
– Point source and sink. It would be great to place a shape on the sand to create a point source or sink, like an arrow shape that creates a flow. Would need to control the flow rate and concentration for the point source. Right now I use a piece of Styrofoam on a stick to act as a rain cloud, but a shape on the sand surface would be better for a point source.

And a few more lower priority ideas.
– Monitoring station. Place a shape or some how identify a location in the sandbox that would then place a time series plot of water surface elevation or concentration on a separate monitor.
– Companion Particle Tracking Model. Allow sources of particles that would move with flow (or roll downhill, or otherwise wander about).
– Flow arrow or streak lines displayed on the flow animation.
– Color water by velocity.

I know these ideas are not easy to pull off. We have software developers in-house that may be able to help with a bit of direction.

Again, thanks for all your work on the ARSandbox, everyone that has seen ours has really enjoyed it.

John DeGeorge

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