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Oliver Kreylos

The only calibration files used by the AR Sandbox are BoxLayout.txt and ProjectorMatrix.dat. You edit BoxLayout.txt manually when measuring base plane and box corners, and ProjectorMatrix.dat is written when CalibrateProjector exits. CalibrateProjector starts a new calibration from scratch every time you run it, meaning there is no extra step required to reset a previous calibration.

In general, you should do a full calibration (base plane, box corners, projector alignment) after moving the sandbox, even if you don’t partially disassemble/reassemble it.

If there is a discrepancy in calibration quality between the red crosshairs in CalibrateProjector and the SARndbox application itself, check that

  1. both programs run with the exact same window size and position, ideally both full-screen (hit Win-F to toggle between window and full-screen mode).
  2. you didn’t forget the -fpv command line parameter for SARndbox.

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