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Oliver Kreylos

If I can get the Kinect v2 to work reliably, which is a big if as it looks now, the main change — besides higher effective resolution — would be aspect ratio. Kinect v1 has a 4:3 ratio (actually 3.95:3 due to its nominal 632×480 resolution), whereas Kinect v2 has a 4.83:4 ratio, at a resolution of 512×424. In principle, this would be a better fit for a 5:4 projector (1280×1024 resolution), but those are extremely rare or non-existent.

I’m expecting my recommendation for running Kinect v2 will be to still build a 4:3 sandbox and use a 4:3 projector, but have the Kinect overscan the actual box on the top and bottom. Resolution should be good enough that sacrificing 20 pixels on either side won’t matter. The alternative would be to build a 5:4 box and sacrifice some projector resolution by overshooting on the left and right.

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