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Frank Conforti

Add me to the list of folks interested in adding CAD (Computer Asisted Digging) to the AR Sandbox. Actually, this has been a subject of some casual discussions. A few unsolicited comments (hope Mr. Kreylos is listening!):

1) Provide a z-axis exaggeration scale especially when modeling real world terrain.
2) Consider adding contour lines over the “dig here, fill there” color coding. This gives some feel for the how much sand needs to be shifted. An simpler feature might be a fixed grid so the “digger” knows how much to pick up from one square and dump on another.
3) Provide a “check” feature so that when the “digger” is close to the desired layout highlight the areas that need refining.
4) Impmenenting multiple passes where the projected colors direct a rough layout first then the more refined layout once the major cut/fills are met.
5) have the ability to overlay some textual information identifying the elevation values over the projected image at different points (ie, tgt:20cm, curr:5cm.) This would be especially helpful when displaying the projected image on a second monitor (we use such a monitor to display the “plan view” of the terrain)

As I said, my $0.02, keep or discard.

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