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If you have figured out how to make scripts. I figured out a way to change your sea level with the BoxLayout.txt file.

I made a copy of it named BoxLayout-Normal.txt, and then one for higher and lower sea levels. I then made a script that works much like the shader change scripts for lava, snow, ice, etc. that copies the adjusted boxlayout files to the original.

cd <your boxlayout directory>
cp BoxLayout.txt BoxLayout-Normal.txt

Then named the script The one thing I ran into is that it doesn’t reload these on the fly. So I added

“pkill SARndbox”

to close and then copied my startup script below to restart the program. I then use the keyboard shortcuts to bind the scripts to keys on the keyboard. It works great. There is a momentary blink while it adjusts, but it’s a pretty cool change once it gets going.

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