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My Opinion only…

400 Lumens is not very bright.

You may be limited as to the size of the sand table based on the lumens, lens spread and focal length of that particular projector.

Brightness aside, You are looking for a projector with a throw ratio close to 1.0 (or even < 1.0) (Throw Ratio ref link) slightly higher throw ratios may be able to be compensated for by adjusting the distance of the projector from the sand but then the structure to hold the projector has to be taller or reflected.

Looks like that projector has a throw ratio around 2. You would have to mount the projector 2 times the width of the sand table above the sand surface.

I would say that with all the effort and expense that you would need to put into the rest of the equipment and box, I would not try to save by getting that projector.

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