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I just tested the “Optoma X305ST XGA 3000 Lumen Full 3D DLP Short Throw Projector with HDMI”.
The issue with this projector is that it has to be very close to the sand for it to be 40″ wide. It only has a digital zoom, and it barely makes the screen smaller. I’m worried it would get touched too much being that low. Here is the link to the projector:

I’ve built two other sandboxes with the BenQ MX631ST. These seemed like a good height.

I’ve built one with a longer throw BenQ (forget the model), a mirror, and some help from Oliver. This one worked alright, but still not better that the MX621ST.

I used the Epson PowerLite 1770W Projector recently. Had to mount the projector a little over a foot higher. I didn’t spend too much time on adjustments but I do not recall getting the picture to fit the box. I might be using this projector again this weekend, so I will report back if I can make it work.

If anyone has used another brand/model projector, please share your results here. If there happens to be another thread with a list of projectors please post a link.


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