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Hi Oliver,
Thank you for developing and posting this amazing technology. It is incredible what technology is becoming accessible now at school level.

We are currently building our box, but can already see some things we would love to be able to do.

1) Wind and water current direction, so you can see the affect of changing wind direction on the direction and flow of water and waves.(yes this would also tie in with any erosion feature if you ever get that one going…that would be awesome!)
2) The ability to change runoff rates for different surface types. For example to allocate an area on the box as ‘forest’, or grassland, or bare ground, or rock and be able to show the differences in water run-off or ‘soak-in’ rates for the different ground covers.
3) Tides. For a coastal scenario. The ability to have a simulation of water level increase over time maybe as ‘simple’ as having a fluctuation altering the lower couple of colour graduations. Sorry I know nothing about programming unfortunately.
Thanks very much. I hope the value of what you are doing here translates into more funding for your project.

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