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HI there…

Just a disclaimer, I’m not a scientist or a researcher or anybody who would know anything about how this thing works… what I am is somebody who stumbled upon a video of this thing and immediately thought of a possible real-world application that could possibly justify more research funding…

See, I work in the construction industry and am currently studying construction management in college, and as I am currently learning, both in school and at work, to use different measurement devices and techniques, the video I saw of this device was like a eureka moment. The job that my company is just finishing up is a parking lot grading job, where it has been my job to use a rotary laser level to assist an excavator operator in regrading the sub-base elevation in preparation for interlocking stone. Although it is true that laser levels are a relatively new development in measurement equipment and a huge improvement over pre-existing solutions, the whole process is still rather cumbersome, owing to the fact that the elevation of the detector on the staff must be constantly readjusted based on the information provided by the drawings, and it doesn’t take much to become overwhelmed.

When I saw the video of your device, I immediately saw how incredibly useful this technology could be if it could be fashioned into a reliable, durable and easily set up system. Imagine a system that is a sort of combination between your device and a total station, which is a modern digital surveying device. Using GPS and other methods of determining position, elevation and angle, and perhaps a very bright projector or other method of relaying the necessary information, such a system could conceivably use information from a site drawing, which was likely created digitally in the first place, and display necessary changes in elevation RIGHT ON THE SOIL in real-time. Such a device would make the whole process of regrading very simple and intuitive, because it’s all visual rather than numerical, which would significantly reduce the amount of time required to complete the job, and trust me, anything that reduces the amount of time and work involved in completing a job in the construction industry is something that gets taken seriously and will find people willing to invest in.

I’m certainly not in a position to persue the development of such a device, I only offer my perspective as a possible source of funding for additional research. I can’t imagine a better use for the technology that you’ve created.

Thanks for reading and all the best.

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