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Oliver Kreylos

You can use the Kinect v2 right now (SARndbox uses it automatically when it’s plugged in), but it doesn’t work very well yet.

The Kinect v2’s noise model is very different from the Kinect v1’s, and the existing filters have a hard time getting a decent stable surface out of it.

Also, the Kinect v2’s resolution is not necessarily higher. Its depth camera has 512×424 pixels compared to the Kinect v1’s 632×480. It’s the Kinect v2’s color camera that’s high-res and 16:9, but the color camera is not used in the sandbox.

It is true, howver, that Kinect v2 requires a better CPU. In Kinect v1, depth processing was done in the camera itself; in Kinect v2, depth processing is done on the host computer’s CPU.

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