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Oliver Kreylos

If everything is blue, the loaded DEM is below the current sand surface everywhere (blue means too much sand, red means too little sand).

To adjust the DEM vertically, run the sandbox and load your DEM by assigning a “Show DEM” tool to some button. Once it’s assigned, select “Save Input Graph…” from the “Devices” sub-menu of Vrui’s system menu. Then exit the sandbox and open the file to which you saved.

It’s the same format as other Vrui configuration files, with one section per assigned tool. Find the section that says “toolClass DEMTool”. Into that section, put a new line
demVerticalShift 0.0
then save the file, run the sandbox again, and load the saved input graph from the “Devices” sub-menu.

You can also put the DEM file name in that section via demFileName so you don’t have to select it every time.

The trick is to fiddle with the vertical shift value by editing the input graph file until you have just enough sand to recreate the entire DEM. You can edit the file while the sandbox is running, and re-load the changes by selecting “Load Input Graph…” again.

If you have blue everywhere, use a large negative shift until everything is red. Then bisect until you get it just right.

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