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hi~ everybody
i always have some problem with my kinect (1414),. I have successfully completed the installation process~ and it’s work~~ but every time i reboot the computer~ when i run again ~seems my kinect is Stop-motion @@
when i run “RawKinectViewer -compress 0” and the popup window with my kinect-detection is not
immediate~~ (stop at first second when open), both on (kinect 2.8 /vrui-3.1/sandbox1.6) or (kinect3.2/Vrui-4.2,SARndbox-2.2) , i always have same problem.. and when i esc and try again, it’s will show “caught exception kinect::camera::startStreaming:Failed to initialize streaming mode” then i need to re plug the kinect’s usb , then i can open the stop motion kinect again~~

how ever ~ sometimes it’s work good~ but i didnt change any thing, @@ i try two of my kinect (both1414) and two ver ubuntu (14.04 // 16.04) its all have this problem ~ di anyone know how to fix this?

sometimes when i occur and i will type the same line “RawKinectViewer -compress 0” and re-plug kinect until it’s works

i dont know why sometimes work and sometimes can’t with all the same commands.but i really want to fixed…

thanks help : )))

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