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Oliver Kreylos

There are multiple ways to do it. First, you want to create a keyboard shortcut to toggle full-screen mode for any window. Go to the keyboard settings dialog, and select the “Shortcuts” tab (where this exactly is depends on the distro, but you’ll find it). Then, under “Windows” shortcuts, find “toggle fullscreen mode” (do not use “toggle maximization state”, that’s a different thing) and assign a key combination to it. I usually use Ctrl+Alt+F or Win+F, depending on the local keyboard.

Then, after starting the calibration program, press the assigned key combo to switch its window into fullscreen mode. Depending on your window manager, you might have to give keyboard focus to the calibration program’s window first. Either click into the window using the left mouse button, or press Alt+Tab to cycle focus through all open windows until the proper window is selected. Check that there is no border or decoration around the window at all, and that any panels or menu bars disappeared as well. Then run the calibration procedure as documented.

You need to run the sandbox application using the exact same window position and size you used during calibration, or it won’t match. You can either use your fullscreen shortcut to maximize the sandbox window manually after start-up, or you can make it permanent by modifying a configuration file.

Create a Vrui.cfg file in the directory from where you run the sandbox application, and put the following inside:

section Vrui
  section Desktop
    section Window
      windowFullscreen true

Subsequently the sandbox application will start in fullscreen mode when started from the directory that contains this Vrui.cfg. To be able to start the sandbox from anywhere and still use the custom setting, add -mergeConfig <path>/Vrui.cfg to the command line, where <path> is the full directory path to the custom Vrui.cfg file, for example /home/user/SARndbox/etc. Actually, when using the -mergeConfig option, you can name your configuration file whatever you want, say SandboxFullscreen.cfg, and place it wherever you like.

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