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Oliver Kreylos

“This link:

Stated to pass a parameter to the SARndbox program as follows:

./SARndbox -fpv

I did not find this specified in the README.”

Yes, that was a mistake I made in the 1.5 package. Since you have run into that problem and found the solution, here is the relevant section of the README file that will go into the next release:

“Step 8: Run the Augmented Reality Sandbox

At this point, calibration is complete. It is now possible to run the
main Augmented Reality Sandbox application, SARndbox, in calibrated
mode by passing the -fpv (“fix projector view”) option on the command
line. This option will load the projector calibration matrix calculated
in step 7, and disable manual navigation. Without the -fpv option, the
scanned 3D terrain surface will be rendered as a typical 3D model, with
full rotation, panning, and zooming ability, and will therefore not
align properly with the physical sand surface.”

Will that do the job?

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