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Oliver Kreylos

There are two ways, and the easier one is probably the following:

* Start the application, and manually set up your tools as you want, e.g., bind your favorite keys to the water management tool etc.

* In the application’s main menu (right mouse button), select “Vrui System” -> “Devices” -> “Save Input Graph…” An input graph is the full set of virtual input devices and tool bindings that are currently active in an application.

* In the file selection box that pops up, either enter a name for your input graph file (press F1 to go to “text entry mode,” enter the filename, then press F1 again to go back to regular mode), or go with the default name. Press OK to confirm.

* After exiting the application, find the file you just saved. If you didn’t give it a meaningful name from within the application, rename it using the file manager or command line.

* When starting the application the next time, add -loadInputGraph <input graph file name> to the command line, where <input graph file name> is the name of the file you saved.

If you use a script or icon to start the application, append the command line arguments in there.

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