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Oliver Kreylos

The software contains a “water management” tool that can be bound to two keys or buttons. First, to account for a bug in the current software, click the left mouse button within the application window. Then press and hold the key/button you want to use to make it rain, and move the mouse (without clicking any mouse buttons) to select “Manage Water” from the tool selection menu that pops up. Once there, release the key/button you were holding. Afterwards, press and release the key/button you want to use to drain the sandbox.

After this, press and hold either of these keys/buttons to add/remove water from the sandbox.

See another post on this forum on how to make this tool binding permanent.

You can also use a single or a pair of USB buttons that act like keyboard keys to add/remove water.

Finally, there is a command line option to slowly remove water over time. It is -evr <evaporation rate>, where <evaporation rate> is the rate at which water disappears in cm of depth/s.

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