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Oliver Kreylos

That’s unfortunate. While it’s true that all versions of the original Kinect (-for-Xbox 1414 and 1473 and -for-Windows 1517) are not 100% reliable, we’re typically only seeing issues very rarely. I haven’t noticed Kinect-for-Windows devices being less reliable than -for-Xbox ones in general.

When issues do occur (such as error messages, or the depth map being completely flat or non-existent), it’s usually sufficient to restart the application that was using or trying to use the Kinect. If that doesn’t help, KinectUtil reset all typically does the trick.

If you’re seeing problems that often, there might be a problem with your specific Kinect device, or with the USB port into which it’s plugged, or your entire USB subsystem. If your Kinect is currently plugged into a USB 3 port, try using a USB 2 port. While our software fully supports Kinect over USB 3, USB 3 support in the Linux kernel is still a bit lacking, and Ubuntu 14.04 uses a somewhat older kernel.

If you’re already on USB 2, try a different plug, ideally on a different bus (front-facing and back-facing ports on a typical tower PC are usually on different buses). If all that doesn’t help, try the Kinect software on a different PC if you have one, and if that helps but you want to keep using the one you currently use, try to find a cheap USB 2 or USB 3 PCI expansion card ($5-$20) and put that into the PC and the Kinect into it.

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