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Oliver Kreylos

Unfortunately, I don’t know yet how to completely remove the blue border.

The reason it’s there is either a bug in the Nvidia graphics driver, or an edge case that is triggered by unorthodox texture image handling inside the AR Sandbox software (I have not yet found where the latter would be in the code). The blue rectangle appears only in specific versions of the Nvidia driver; would you please post your exact version number? It is displayed in the “X Server Information” panel in the Nvidia control dialog, nvidia-settings.

The blue rectangle runs exactly around the sandbox’s water simulation area, as set up during calibration step 5 (measure extents of sand surface). That area coincides with the extents of the 2D texture images containing the water simulation’s state, and are an effect of either a) the graphics driver wrongly accessing edge pixels from that texture image, or b) the sandbox software wrongly relying on unspecified texture edge behavior.

The blue rectangle can be pushed further outside the box by extending the 3D box corner positions measured in calibration step 5, but pushing the box corners outside the physical limits of the sandbox is not recommended because it might lead to artifacts in the water simulation.

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