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Thank you, Oliver.

I don’t have to do this zoom out, if I remove the IntrinsicParameters data file.

But now I’m a bit confused, which way to use for the calibration: with or without the IntrinsicParameters data file?

Some side effects: if I don’t have the IntrinsicParameters data file, the image on the KinectViewer tool ist extremely “blurry” and I don’t get a concrete image on the camera view, but the values of the measurements are round about the values you mentioned in your videos.
On the other hand, if I use the InstrinsicParameters data file, the view of the KinectViewer tool is more clear, but the measurements values are round about ten times higher.

So which way is the right/best way to get a correct calibration?

Thanks for your help so far. You’re doing a great work here.


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