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Oliver Kreylos

If you remove the intrinsic calibration file, the Kinect package will fall back to a built-in default calibration, which isn’t good, but gets the basics going. That built-in calibration file results in measurements in cm. The file you created by running KinectUtil getCalib results in measurements in mm, therefore all the measured numbers are 10 times larger. This was an oversight in the current Kinect package; I should have added code to make sure that calibration is always in the same units.

The built-in default intrinsic calibration will be mostly OK for using the sandbox, because the projector calibration step will sort out most discrepancies. But the built-in calibration won’t properly align the depth and color cameras (the latter isn’t used for the sandbox), which is probably what you’re seeing in KinectViewer.

For simplicity, go with the built-in default calibration right now, because otherwise you’d have to change a few numbers throughout other sandbox configuration files to account for the 10-times size difference.

Once your sandbox works, you can go back and improve it by doing a full calibration including per-pixel depth correction.

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