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Thank you again for all the time and effort that went into the project. This is an update that we went a different route to get a better result.

In the case originally explained we ran into issues using 10.10.2 and running the[bash -c “$(curl -fsSkL”] command. Unfortunate of us that the harddrive that was running that os suffered a failure and needed replacing.

We replaced the drive and instead of reloading 10.10.2 we loaded 10.6 which is supported.. the rest of the setup went with out issue. .. when it came time to use Xcode.. we were required to update to 10.10.2 as a result of Apples restrictions. Thankfully we had already done the preliminary work with your Vrui script and completed all steps after the Vrui curl command within 10.10.2

If another mac user attempts it we used a 2009 mac pro with 1GB video , quad core. For best implementation use 10.6 as the os you start with.

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