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Sarah Reed

Great idea to start a requested feature list! Below are a few ideas people have suggested at LHS. I know some of these are out of your domain, but I thought I’d list them all here so they’d be in one place. I’ll add more as they come up.

  • Lava
  • ‘Polluted’ water color option
  • Visualizations of animals or living things in the landscape, e.g., fish in standing water.
  • Words / written overlays to highlight features of interest.
  • Thunder and/or water sounds when it rains
  • Ability to easily turn water on and off. For instance, facilitators would like to turn the water off to build things without creating rain. Then make predictions with visitors about how the water will flow. Then turn the water on to test their predictions.
  • Separate file / interface for editing parameters of interest (rain strength, etc.) [You already did this for LHS, but other users would probably find it useful.]
  • An interface for facilitators and /or visitors that would allow them to easily change color settings, turn water on / off, etc.
  • One educator was very interested in integrating the water cycle. She said: “I appreciate your comment about the rate of evaporation being degrees of magnitude slower than the rate of flow, and other challenges — but, as a person with no programming experience myself, I want to know if it could develop to where students could manipulate not only clouds that rain, but the amount of sunlight (nearness to equator, time of year, general cloud-cover overall) that would change the rate of evaporation. And then I wonder if the type of topography could interact with the behavior of the clouds as to where water evaporated from one part of the “landscape” would cause a rain storm in another part of the landscape?”
  • Way to visualize erosion / deposition – how water not only moves within but also shapes the landscape.
  • A regular camera mounted above sandbox to capture images of sandbox creations and/or videos of sandbox learning.
  • Non-rectangular blanking to black out any viz that may show up on sandbox frame edges
  • Water ‘dead’ zone / graphics driver edge bug fix

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